Smoking Experience

Seeking Solutions
for Smoking-Related Issues

Broad Experience

5,000+ subjects have been enrolled in nearly 100 AMR smoking related studies over the years.

  • 208% average enrollment goals achieved
  • 90% average retention rate
  • Indications include smoking vaccines, adult and adolescent smoking cessation, neuropsychiatric effects, observation, and interview programs, nicotine replacement therapies, overnight and pharmacokinetic studies and smoking devices

Focused Recruitment

  • More than 70,000 smokers in AMR site databases
  • Regularly scheduled community outreach and education programs
  • Customized local media campaigns

Experienced Support Staff

  • Certified smoking cessation counselors
  • Dedicated subject recruitment and retention specialists
  • Data & QA managers
  • FAA certified staff for shipment of hazardous materials

Industry Leading Capabilities

  • Indoor smoking rooms
  • BNDD controlled substance licenses
  • Serial urine cotinine collection and processing
AMR locations nationwide are currently seeking volunteers for clinical research studies.