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The Alliance for Multispecialty Research was founded in 1994 with fully-owned research centers and affiliate sites throughout the United States.

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A leader in the fight against COVID-19.

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“Our company has interacted successfully with nearly all of the AMR sites.  In fact, one of the AMR PIs contributed key knowledge that led to our suggesting re-design of a sponsor’s study.  The suggestions simplified the study and impressed the sponsor so much that we won the business.  I attribute this to the AMR site!”
Division President, U.S.-based Global CRO

“Your site worked as a cohesive team unlike any site I’ve been associated with.  You met or exceeded every timeline without complaint.  Your data was thorough and accurate; screen failures were minimal due to your excellent pre-screening.  There is no one at your site who is not outstanding.”

Monitor, Pharmaceutical Sponsor
“I have to do something.  I feel a lot less anxious because I can help and am trying to do something.  And I’m guessing that’s how everyone feels… I have been pro-clinical research but I thought it was risky.  But these people do it all the time and they know what they’re doing.  And there is a lot of testing even beforehand.  I definitely see it differently now.”
Trial Volunteer, COVID-19 Vaccine

Help others by participating in clinical research.

Studies may test new drugs, medical devices, medical interventions or investigate vaccinations.
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