Pain Expertise

Seeking Solutions
to Ease Pain

Broad Experience

6,000+ subjects have enrolled in more than 500 AMR pain studies over the years.

  • 120% average enrollment goals achieved
  • 90% average retention rate
  • 60 unique sponsors

Focused Recruitment

  • Targeted recruitment for specific pain conditions including headaches, joint pain, acute injury, etc.
  • Private practice access for patient-flow and database mining
  • Regularly scheduled community outreach and education programs
  • Customized local media campaigns

Experienced Support Staff

  • Blinded and Unblinded Study Coordinators
  • Staff thoroughly trained in proper administration of pain scales, including, but not limited to WOMAC, C-SSRS, C-CASA, PGIC, VAS, VRS, NRS, FACES
  • Certified lab and pharmacy technicians

Industry Leading Diagnostic & Imaging Capabilities

  • SOPs in place for training subjects on diary usage and compliance
  • Extensive PK sampling experience
  • Appropriate DEA and state licensure for controlled substances
  • Experienced with diverse consumer health trials including Rx to OTC, labeling evaluation, and more
AMR locations nationwide are currently seeking volunteers for clinical research studies.