Osteoarthritis Experience

Seeking Solutions
to Help as We Age

Broad Experience

3,800+ subjects have been enrolled in 332 AMR Osteoarthritis studies over the years.

  • 130% average enrollment goal achieved
  • 88% average retention rate
  • 60,000+ intra-articular injections
  • 47 unique sponsors

Focused Recruitment

  • Databases include +/- 34,000 subjects with osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Specialist and primary care private practice access to over 40,000 subjects with osteoarthritis
  • Regularly scheduled community outreach and education programs
  • Customized local media campaigns

Experienced Support Staff

  • Specialist investigators including rheumatologists, orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine specialists, interventional radiologists
  • Unblinded specialist physician injectors
  • Staff thoroughly trained in proper administration of pain scales

Industry Leading Capabilities

  • Experience with intraarticular injection using ultrasound and fluoroscopy guidance
  • Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine experience
  • 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla MRI available
  • Qualified unblinded injectors available at each location
AMR locations nationwide are currently seeking volunteers for clinical research studies.