World Vaccine 2019

World Vaccine 2019 in Washington DC

World Vaccine 2019

The World’s Most Exciting Vaccine Event

In 2019, we will be continuing this format with the pre-congress workshops and conferences in Cancer Immunotherapy, Immune Profiling, Respiratory Vaccines, Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases, Clinical Trials, Vaccine Partnerships, Bioprocess & Manufacture, Vaccines Safety, Logistics and Veterinary Vaccines. We will also be looking to expand into newer topic areas such as BioDefense, Big Data and Bioinformatics in a greater capacity, engaging more profiles from Army, DoD, non-profits and national representatives in healthcare than ever before.

Throughout these sessions you will learn how cutting-edge research efforts can be integrated with pharma, biotech, academia and government to produce more and better vaccines to the market.

The Congress will cover the crucial topics which are affecting the whole sector. From putting together, a global strategy to respond to the next Zika virus, to exploring new vaccine technologies all from key KOLs from the WHO, FDA, big pharma and leading institutions.


April 14-17


Washington DC

World Vaccine 019 agenda prospectus
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