AMR Research Locations


Our company has interacted successfully with nearly all of the AMR sites. In fact, one of the AMR PIs contributed key knowledge that led to our suggesting re-design of a Sponsor’s study. The suggestions simplified the study and impressed the Sponsor so much that we won the business. I attribute this to the AMR site!

Division President, A US-based global CRO

This is the most responsive and diligent group of sites I have ever seen with regard to ECRF completion and query resolution.

Data Management Director, CRO

AMR sites are typically my highest enrollers and have exceptional retention and quality.

Vice President, US Clinical Operations, CRO

I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with the most organized, most knowledgeable professionals in clinical research, with the most dedicated study coordinator and most responsive study team. I would like to add that you have far exceeded investigator involvement in all studies I monitored. It is not so often today to have quality work done, achieve high enrollment numbers, impeccable source documents, amazing pre-screening process as well as have the highest level of concern for patient safety.

Monitor, CRO

Your site worked as a cohesive team unlike any site I’ve ever been associated with. You met or exceeded every timeline without complaint. Your data was thorough and accurate; screen failures were minimal due to your excellent pre-screening. There is no one at your site who is not outstanding.

Monitor, Pharmaceutical Sponsor

Especially when I have large studies that need large numbers of subjects enrolled quickly and with quality and good investigator oversight, I always involve AMR sites.

VP, US Clinical Operations, ICON Clinical Research

AMR sites were pivotal to the success of our seasonal vaccine program. All AMR sites met or exceeded enrollment expectations. The variety of experience and expertise among AMR sites has helped us enroll a broad therapeutic range of clinical trials.

Partnership Manager, Quintiles

I’ve been doing this job for 18 years and have met with literally thousands of customers. After all that, today was the single best customer visit I’ve ever had! I had high expectations going into the meeting today but you absolutely blew my expectations away. The combination of the incredible capacity and performance in clinical trials combined with your hospitality made this the absolute perfect day at work for me.

Sponsor – Regional Scientific Director, Major Pharma