Services & Expertise

Service Offerings

AMR recruits and enrolls subjects in Phase I-IV clinical trials.  This includes healthy volunteers and subjects with medical conditions across a wide range of therapeutic areas.  AMR excels in providing (i) fast and effective subject recruitment; (ii) subject retention & management throughout the life of the study; (iii) dedicated full-time GCP-trained investigators, coordinators, nurses and support staff; (iv) single point of contact for budgeting and contracting (as requested) and regulatory compliance; (v) centralized master operating procedures with site-specific working practices, systems, quality assurance and management; and detailed study feasibility assessments.

AMR’s success relies on its ability to quickly and effectively recruit large numbers of qualified subject volunteers for clinical trials and perform expert clinical research at its sites to provide its clients with accurate data.  AMR has developed an efficient recruiting model both at a local and centralized level that supports a large and growing database of subjects with an expressed interest in participating in clinical trials.  As a result, AMR has become a global leader in subject recruitment.

In recent industry publications, it has been noted that over two-thirds of sites fail to meet original patient enrollment for a given trial and up to 50% of sites enroll one or no subjects in studies awarded to a site. Utilizing a CTMS program, AMR has direct access to over 206,000 subjects with an additional 62,620 within the afilliate’s database for a total of 268,620 potential study subjects.

High Patient Retention

According to Forte Research, the average dropout rate across all clinical trials is 30%, and 85% of all clinical trials fail to retain enough subjects to successfully complete a study. Over the last 10 years, AMR’s subject retention is well-above the industry average at 92% for general clinical studies and over 96% for vaccine-specific studies.  This retention rate is driven by intentional strategies and tactics designed to help volunteers choose to complete clinical trials. AMR is proactive in making studies more convenient for subjects, such as providing parking, flexible hours and transportation, or employing home health services to eliminate some study visits.

AMR maintains these certifications & accreditations:

  • NIH and CITI certification
  • Bio-Safety Level 1 and 2
  • BNDD License
  • FAA certified staff for the shipment of hazardous materials
  • CLIA certified laboratory
  • CPR/BLS certified staff
  • Federal Wide Assurance Numbers
  • GDUFA registration
  • Controlled substance licenses
  • American Heart Association Certification for Standards and Techniques of Blood Pressure Measurements
  • Certified Principal Investigator (CPI)
  • Certified Clinical Research Coordinators
  • Certified Smoking Cessation Counselors
  • Fully compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)
  • IATA Certified
  • Many Research Coordinators are ACRP certified
  • Registered dieticians