The Alliance for Multispecialty Research Business Development


Brenda S. Atchison, Executive Vice President, Client Relations

Brenda Atchison is the Executive Vice President of Client Relations with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and chemistry from the University of Tennessee.  She brings over 30 years of experience in the clinical trials arena with a background in clinical microbiology and cellular immunology.  Having held roles in increasing areas of responsibility in the public health, cancer research, and global CRO arenas, she joined AMR in 2000 to oversee centralized business development activities.  In her current role as Executive Vice President of Client Relations, she serves as liaison to AMR’s many top CRO and Pharmaceutical clients throughout the industry.  Ms. Atchison is often requested to speak on key industry-related issues and devotes a significant portion of her time holding group discussions with AMR’s clients and Strategic Partners to broaden an understanding of the critical communication needs involved in enhanced start-up and successful completion with maximum retention across today’s clinical trials. 



Missy MacPhail — Vice President of Business Development

Missy MacPhail joined AMR as Vice President of Business Development in 2016.  With fourteen (14) years of industry experience, Missy’s career has focused on expanding site experience in the vaccine clinical trial space including assisting major pharma and biotech companies with the execution phase I vaccine studies, government contracts, trials requiring PBMC samples and/or IBC committees, and vaccine trials with complex preparation guidelines.  In her current role, Missy serves as a central point of contact for sponsors and CROs, offering feasibility coordination and connection with AMR local clinical trial centers and investigator specialists. Prior to joining the AMR corporate business development team, Missy previously served as the Director of Business Development at the AMR-Kansas City Location.   She played an active role in leading the AMR Business Development Committee for over 7 years, including designing and implementing the current integrated business development information management system.  Missy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Public Relations from Southwest Baptist University, in Bolivar, Missouri.