Las Vegas

Clinical Trial Services

  • Phase I - IV Outpatient Facility
  • Limited Overnight Capabilities

Cody Towler

President/General Manager

In 2003, Cody Towler and Irene Palmer created CRC, a clinical research facility, in Las Vegas that was dedicated to providing the highest quality data for their pharmaceutical clients. The objectives were not only precise adherence to each protocol, but to build a sustainable culture that provides caring service to the individuals that volunteer to be subjects of each clinical trial.

As CRC grew, Cody assumed increasing responsibilities as day-to-day manager and eventually Director of Operations. Clinical operations and personal services were molded according to his understanding of what sponsors expect and how patients want to be treated. At the same time, Irene proceeded to work increasingly toward building stronger relationships with the pharmaceutical companies. Also as Managing Partner, she took responsibility for Business Development assuring the continuation and growth of the company.

In 2011, Cody, as Managing Partner and Director of Operations, expanded Clinical Research Consortium by opening a new clinic in the Phoenix, AZ area. Phoenix is the 5th largest city in the U.S. with a statistically diverse demographic population. He had served as the Director of Operations of The Clinical Research Consortium in Las Vegas prior to the opening of the Arizona site; and he was the principal motivator of the successful development of the Tempe clinic as well. Cody continued directing operations in Las Vegas as well as Tempe.

He studied business at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and he is certified ACRP – CCRC as well as a Diabetes Counselor. Cody has been involved in over 250 clinical trials since the start-up of CRC. Cody continues to play a significant role in the development and growth of both locations of CRC. This combination is the driving force in the development of CRC as a successful business. Patient/volunteers actually enjoy their relationship with Cody and his clinical team.

Irene Palmer

Vice President

Irene Palmer has 20 years of clinical research experience which she employs to lead the successful development of the Clinical Research Consortium from its foundation to the present. She studied Business at the LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, and the Community College of Southern Nevada. Combining her background in business development and her clinical research experience, she currently leads future growth as Business Development Director of CRC in Las Vegas. Her entrepreneurial spirit has set the tone for growth by understanding the exacting requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. She also has a thorough understanding of the unique demographics of the Las Vegas market and the personal needs of individual volunteers that come to the CRC clinic. As Coordinator and Administrator, Irene has successfully completed over 150 clinical trials.

The Clinical Research Consortium Las Vegas/Tempe

The Clinical Research Consortium in Las Vegas and Tempe operate in a combined area of 4,126 square feet located in prime commercial areas with easy access to freeways and public transportation. Each facility has on-site laboratory capabilities. CRC has a combined staff of 26 employees, including seven full-time clinical research coordinators, with each clinic offering support for the other. Staff members are sometimes exchanged between clinics when needed to facilitate patient flow and procedural accuracy.

CRC Principal Investigators are board-certified in their own therapeutic specialties. As part of their continuing medical education, they regularly participate in local and national symposia and conferences.  Many of CRC’s investigators contribute to the community through teaching or mentoring medical students. CRC’s qualified research team is proud of their combined clinical research experience of over 15 years in Phase III, IIIB and IV studies in diverse therapeutic areas.

CRC has the ability to perform procedurally difficult trials and can successfully recruit special populations. Major indication of specialties include: Respiratory/Pulmonary, Dermatology, Gastrointestinal, Musculoskeletal, Immunology, Genitourinary, Endocrine/Metabolic, Chronic Pain and Vaccines.

I am very pleased with the study. I was able to lose weight without any negative problems with my diabetes or blood pressure. Thank You very much.

Study Volunteer

Capabilities List

  • In 2003 founded Las Vegas, NV Site
  • In 2011 founded Phoenix, AZ Site
  • Conducted 250+ Phase I –IV trials.
  • Patient database of 32,000
  • Onsite overnight capability: 12 beds
  • Outpatient Unit with 10 exam rooms
  • Maintains: FWA, GDUFA,  Schedule I, Schedule II – IV License, Biosafety Level 2, CLIA Waiver

Equipment List

  • CT/PET Scanning
  • DEXA Scanning
  • EEG
  • EMG
  • Radiology
  • Sonography
  • Spirometry
  • Treadmills
  • Ultrasound