Fort Myers

Clinical Trial Services

  • Phase I - IV Outpatient Facility
  • Limited Overnight Capabilities

Ken Aschom

President/General Manager

In 2010, Ken Aschom purchased Clinical Physiology Associates, known locally as the Clinical Study Center, and began leading the business as its COO. Ken holds a BS in Physical Science and an MBA in Finance degrees from Michigan State University and spent 31 years in banking, investments and wealth management before purchasing Clinical Physiology Associates. He has been involved in over 107 clinical trials since taking over the Clinical Study Center. Ken has rejuvenated the Clinical Study Center by training and adding seven new principal investigators. He has also developed research relationships with three medical groups in the past four years.

Clinical Physiology Associates

Clinical Physiology Associates has been conducting clinical research for almost 40 years in the Fort Myers, FL community. The staff at Clinical Physiology Associates has over 110 years of combined clinical research experience and has conducted over 750 clinical studies. The physician investigators bring more than 30 years of clinical research experience to the study center. All physician investigators are board certified in their specialty areas. Clinical Physiology Associates has the ability to perform procedurally difficult trials and can successfully recruit special populations. Major indication of specialties include: osteoarthritis, women’s health and pain-related modalities.

I’ve been doing this job for 18 years and have met with literally thousands of customers. After all that, today was the single best customer visit I’ve ever had! I had high expectations going into the meeting today but you absolutely blew my expectations away. The combination of the incredible capacity and performance in clinical trials combined with your hospitality made this the absolute perfect day at work for me.

Regional Scientific Director, Major Pharma

Capabilities List

  • Founded in 1978
  • Located in Fort Myers, FL
  • New location 12/1/2014
  • Conducted 750+ Phase I –IV trials
  • Patient database of 6,000
  • Onsite overnight capability: 2 beds
  • Outpatient Unit with 3 exam rooms
  • Maintains: FWA, GDUFA, Schedule II–IV License, CLIA Waiver
  • Ability to enroll Spanish-speaking population
  • Dedicated double-locked limited-access IP Storage

Equipment List

  • -20°C Freezer
  • 24/7 Temp Monitoring
  • 40 kw Diesel Backup Generator
  • Access to radiology services across the street
  • All IT new since 2012
  • Centrifuge
  • Flow meters
  • Infrared motion-detecting security
  • Sonography